Isabeau D'Argyll, also known as Lady Igraine, is a member of the Knights of the Round Table, commonly known as The Order. Lady Igraine is characterized as being a strong-willed woman, skilled in combat and fiercely loyal to The Order. As a captain-in-training, she was mentored by Sir Galahad, they developed a strong student-teacher relationship, which evolved to close, but guarded, relationship. Over the years, the two become increasingly fond of each other, though their allegiance to The Order forbids them from ever acting on those feelings. Under the tutelage of Galahad, Lady Igraine became the youngest member to ever be inducted into The Order. Now, as one of their most skilled and headstrong Knights, she shares a mutual respect with Galahad. She and her brother Alastair, also known as Sir Lucan, the Knight Commander of The Order, are the adopted children of the Lord Chancellor. She was joined the Alliance and later commanded her modified Omega class destroyer and MC90 Star Cruiser in the First and Second war. By the time of the Unity Era started, she joined the Nationalists and commanded the Death Igraine, a Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser since she was loyal to Lord Hastings (in which he was Darth Meracus)

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