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"I left the homeland to escape... Now, I choose to fight my old homeland, for my new homeland..."

-Isamu Matsumoto to a Resistance fighter in 1420

Isamu Matsumoto (born: July 7th, 1371), is the first and last Prime Minister of the Imperial Union of American States. a man who escape his homeland for a better future, Matsumoto loved his adoptive homeland and fought for it even after it's invasion by his native homeland. choosing to fight the occupation in a passive way, he supported numerous resistance cells throughout Japanese controlled areas by using the codename: Enomoto Taro, however, he become a more active member of the west-coast insurgency once the Japanese government found out about it's puppet government support of the numerous resistance organization throughout the JU.S.ese occupied U.S. in Alaska, Oregon and small parts of the United States' west coast.




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