Ivan Cronus was an officer in the military of the Axis, who had become second-in-command to the breakaway warlord Delvardus some eight years after the Great Battle of Endor. Colonel Cronus served under self-styled Superior General Sander Delvardus, ruler of the Eriadu Authority, in the Deep Core after the assassination of Emperor Xandel Carivus and fall of the Axis Interim Ruling Council. In First Aftermath, Admiral Natasi Daala and Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon summoned Delvardus and the twelve other warlords of the Deep Core at Tsoss Beacon to settle their disputes and organize a joint military campaign against the New Republic.

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Cronus was a compact, physically powerful man, with a broad chest and well-muscled arms. He had dark, weathered skin, dark curls laced with silver, and alert brown eyes, and when he spoke, his tone was laconic and professional, but precise. To judge from his appearance, and his rank of colonel, he may have served with the Imperial Army or Stormtrooper Corps, but he was also a capable small craft pilot, and even an efficient capital ship and fleet commander.

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