Gripen c

The Saab JAS 39 Gripen (English: Griffin[Nb 4][3]) is a light single-engine multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. It was designed to replace the Saab 35 Draken and 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet). The Gripen has a delta wing and canard configuration with relaxed stability design and fly-by-wire flight controls. It is powered by the Volvo RM12, and has a top speed of Mach 2. Later aircraft are modified for NATO interoperability standards and to undertake in-flight refuelling. The "Gripen" offers high agility, advanced target acquisition systems - including a powerful multi-role radar, modern weapons, low radar signatures and powerful Electronic counter-measures systems. The JAS-39 Gripen system is designed to counter all current and future threats.The aircraft has the ability to take off from rough landing strips and even roads. The aircraft has been developed for the Swedish Air Force by the Industry Group JAS (SAAB, Ericsson, Volvo Aero and FFV Aerotech) in close co-operation with the Swedish Air Force. Today, the JAS-39 Gripen is the main fighter aircraft of the United Commonwealths of Worlds (one of the Allied members) and the Kingdom of Great Venus.

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