JK-13 security droid

The JK-13 security droid, unofficially known as the "Jedi Killer," was a JK-series security droid manufactured on the planet Ord Cestus. These droids rose to prominence during a time when they were threatened to be converted into combat droids. The JK-Thirteen appeared chest-high and divided into sections, giving it a spider-like appearance in its attack mode. So much so that the cave spiders, who used to rule Cestus, thought of them a natural enemy and defeated them allowing Obi-Wan and many Desert Wind members to escape from the surprise attack. Its primary weapon was a set of stun tentacles extending from virtually every point on its body: these tentacles could be used to cut an opponent or deliver a disabling charge. Its primary defense was a deflector shield generator-like technology that allowed it to absorb blaster bolts and presumably other weapons fire before it even came into contact with the droid itself.

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