Jacob Arthur Danik was the leader of the militant Unitologist group known as the Circle. During the events of Infection War, Danik and his followers pursue UCN and their allies to Tau Volantis, with the intent of discovering the origins of the Markers and initiating humanity's ascension. He was horribly assimilated by the Thing in the middle way of the Infection War. Danik is an insane fanatic, completely absorbed in the belief and teachings of Unitology. He will usually use these beliefs as the staple of inspiration when uniting his men against the UCN, Clarke and his allies. Although Danik is a powerful individual, his faith in Unitology blinds him from the obvious truth of the Marker's capabilities and true real purpose. Even after his view is proven false when the Markers are revealed to be mere conduits for the Bretheren Moons, Danik is confident in his belief that Convergence is the best path for humanity.

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