Row shotgun

The Jagdfaust Autoflinte-60 is known to be both a semi-automatic or full automatic shotgun used by the Greater German Empire and the successor to the Schockhammer Autoflinte-46. If firing on semi-automatic, all it takes is a quick tap of the user's trigger. When it comes to full automatic, hold onto the trigger in order to blast holes into enemies. The weapon's recoil in semi-automatic is very little, however significantly higher in full automatic fire. It's powerful enough to kill troopers more heavily armored than others at close ranges and at times, moderate ranges. The Shotgun also has two different types of shells that can be used. The first shell is the standard buck shot that can cause damage at close to moderate ranges. The second type of shell is a ricochet shot, designed with shrapnel that can ricochet off of most substances such as metal and sometimes even stone. The magazine of the shotgun is known to carry a maximum amount of 20 rounds in each magazine.

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