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James Heller, also known as "The Test Subject" by Blackwatch,"Ares" by Whitewatch "Mars" by the Peacekeepers, was a former US Marine Sergeant and the second Blacklight Prototype. Following his attempted suicide mission against Alex Mercer, Mercer infected Heller with his variant of the virus. Driven by a powerful need for vengeance, he set out into the city to uncover the truth behind Alex Mercer, Blackwatch, and the second outbreak of the Blacklight virus before the Combine Invasion of his homeworld, following the invasion, he joined Mercer and Garcia in freeing their homeworld and following the War, became Mercer's Second-In-Command in Whitewatch. he fought against William Jager during the Infection War.




Family and RelativesEdit

"Just 'cause you can kill something doesn't mean you should."

-Heller convincing his daughter.

Before he lost his family, James Heller had a joyful life. His relationships with Colette and Amaya were close and loving. Upon their death, Heller became a changed man: he grew grim, rude, and impatient—a dark shadow of his earlier personality. Heller’s goals rarely or even convincingly exceed his own personal desires to destroy those responsible for his family's death and protect his daughter. However unlike Mercer he does occasionally take the civilian cost into account, for example when he releases Brawlers from Blackwatch captivity he will attempt to kill them before they do what he calls the "wrong kind of damage". Another example when Heller observed in disgust as Blackwatch troops forced captured Civilians into a base, where they would be killed and consumed by Juggernauts minutes later. He appeared to be quite willing to leave NYZ to Blackwatch as long as he was able to leave with his daughter. However, he developed sympathy for Colonel Rooks after he realized Rooks had a family and daughter. He also is a technophobe, and seems to really hate computers, an example being in one of the early missions when he attempted accessed a Blackwatch Computer and began to grow frustrated as he accessed it.

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