James Willamson

James Williamson held as an prisoner after the Liberation of German regions

"Don't let these race mixers and traitors lied to you! the truth of the matter is this... The Germans. Are. Our. Liberators! Liberators you say? Well, liberators from the race mixers and nigger loving jew controlled government of our so called 'free' Union! We are taking back our nation from these Jews, Homosexuals, Race Mixers and Niggers!..."

-Jamese Williamson in a speech in 1420

James Williamson, fullname: James Robert Williamson (born: August 7th, 1362) is the first and last President of the Reformed United States of America. the puppet of the nazi-puppetstate, the man, none-the-less, is still quite a violent and very bigoted individual who's hatred of everyone that's non-white, even before hand, Williamson hatred of any one that he considers 'inferior' or 'race mixers' which have lead many to believe that he may have been a serial killer who have murdered a number of people before the Nazi invaded. He was captured following the United States liberation of the german occupied territories, afterwords, he was executed for treason by the United States.

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