Jan Templar

Colonel Jan Templar was an former experienced soldier of the Alliance of Nations, who helped defend Vekta against the invading axis forces. Jan Templar starts as a captain of the Rapid Reaction Force, Vekta's first line of defense against potential invaders. As a member of the few and the proud - the RRF makes up less than ten percent of all Allied forces - he represents the standard by which other soldiers are judged. Templar is highly skilled and motivated, but his true value lies in the ability to lead others. He instinctively senses when decisive action is required, and takes charge accordingly. His leadership forms a focal point for other soldiers, allowing even the most dramatically outnumbered squads to come out on top. Templar has mastered a wide range of armed and unarmed combat techniques, as well as a vast array of tactical and strategic knowledge. He is very intelligent, although some might view his strong notions of duty and justice as naive. If Templar's motions were to come into conflict somehow, he would likely choose justice over duty - even if it meant disobeying direct orders. To his credit; Templar refuses to ask others for help if it puts them at risk of a court martial. Not that he needs to ask; most soldiers would follow him to Helghan and back anyway. He was part of the Ciz'lokki conflict.

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