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The Japanese Empire, also known as the Empire of Greater Japan and the Empire of Greater Japan, was a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, empire and world power that existed from the Meiji Restoration on January 3, 1339 N.E to the Annexation  of Japan by the United Systems of Earth in 2364 N.E. Imperial Japan's rapid industrialisation and militarization under the slogan Fukoku Kyōhei which led to its emergence as a world power, eventually culminating in its conquest of a large part of the Asia-Pacific region and a one of the founding members of the Axis of Empires. At the height of its power, the Japanese Empire ruled over a massive empire that spand several universes. After several large-scale military successes during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1408 – 2364) and the First Multiverse War, the Empire of Japan also gained notoriety for its war crimes against the peoples of the countries it conquered. However, it started to fall apart when the Combines invaded the homelands during the "Day the Multiverse Burned" and was later conquered and annexed into the newly formed United Systems of Earth.

History Edit

the Japaneses empire started in the 1800s and started to grown into a superpower and involved in international affairs like Qing destiny and Russo Japanese war.The Japanese empire also joined the allies in the first world war and gain German colonies and after the war Japan joined the league of nations however it was short lived and Japan got expelled from the league of nations.Japanese empire launch a invasion of China causing the second Sino-Japanese war and in 1940 Japan begin invasion of south east Asia nations and succeed and in the year 1941 the Japanese empire launch a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour and started to bomb raid on pearl harbour and in the same year America declare war on the Japan on the same year.Japan and along with Germany joined the axis of empires and later fought in the great multiverse war until the combine betrayed them and forced japan to became remnant states however after the war they quickly joined the allies.

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The society of the Japanese empire is tend to be militaristic

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