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Jax Pavan was a Human male Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. His father, Lorn Pavan, was once employed at the Jedi Temple. He was trained by Even Piell, and during the Great Jedi Purge wielded a blue lightsaber. Following the Purge, he went underground, living in Coruscant's underworld. However, he was hunted by Darth Staleek, a Scarran Sith Lord, forcing him to do whatever he could to survive.

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Jax was a deep thinker, often to the point of over thinking things. He would often wonder about the nature of a person's connection to the Force as well as himself and his decisions. Although he had had rather long brown hair and a beard and wore the typical robes of a Jedi before Order 66, Jax afterward dyed his hair black, permanently removed his beard, and took to wearing a long, high-collared, gray greatcoat.

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