The Jedi Sith Empire

The Flag of the Jedi-Sith Empire

the Jedi-Sith Empire, more commonly known by both the Jedi and Sith as the Gray Jedi-Sith Empire due to their neutral ideals on light and dark sides of the force even though they are the original Jedi and Sith. it was the few civilizations that lived after the Second Human Civil War , but only 2,000 years after it's formation it's was on a decline when Jedi Power-hunger Extremist and Sith Power-hunger Extremist began to fight one another and Jedi and Sith Loyalist starting the Jedi-Sith Civil War which, to this day continues on in the many different forms of the Jedi-Sith Conflicts, that war forced the Remaining Jedi-Sith Loyalist as well as the Jedi-Sith Monarchs Families into it's 8th universe where they reorganize the Empire with a Constitution and Parliament, not tell resent years have this Empire began to attack the other seven Universe's that were in their Control starting the now known Jedi-Sith Reunification wars , now it's a member of the Alliance of Nations.


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