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Jek Tono Porkins was a trader and pilot from Bestine IV who, along with the other Bestines, was forced to abandon his homeworld when the Axis of Empires chose it as the site of a new military base. Seeking the opportunity to strike back at the Axis, Porkins joined the Allies and was assigned to Tierfon Rebel Base for pilot training with the Tierfon Yellow Aces. His skill at low-altitude strafing runs and his rotund physique earned him the nicknames “Belly Runner” and “Piggy.” After the completion of the Axis' Death Star, the Yellow Aces were taken to fully active status and transferred to fill gaps in pilot rosters at other Allied bases. When Porkins’s good friend Wes Janson was taken ill with a case of Hesken Fever, Porkins was given his friend’s assignment instead and transferred to Red Squadron, operating out of the Great Temple on Yavin 4.

Porkins flew as Red Six during the Air Battle of Tordas, his skills at strafing aiding the Allies early in the battle. However, when his F-15C Eagle fighter was struck by debris, leaving him with several mechanical and computer malfunctions, Porkins was hit by the Axis 2K22 Tunguska fire and killed.