A genetically-engineered humanoid race from the Gamma Quadrant, the Jem'Hadar (Second Human Empire: Nuii'juyi Cutty'tuik) were the military arm of the Dominion and one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy during their time. Jem'Hadar were generated in "birthing chambers." Their growth cycle was accelerated, such that they reached full maturity only three days after emergence. They did not mate, and so their species had no females. As infants, Jem'Hadar strongly resembled mammalian species, with a complexion resembling that of Humans; within a day of maturation, Jem'Hadar children already had advanced language skills and cognitive reasoning; as they aged, their skin paled to a bluish-white, and became scaly and reptilian in appearance. The Jem'Hadar joined the Coalition of Independent States and later the Hegemony of Independent States

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