Jennifer Keller
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Earth, Eur'uui Universe

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1500 N.E

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Stargate Command, Alliance Joint Military, Multiversial Federation



Doctor Jennifer Keller is a female Human who became a doctor and joined the Alliance of Nations, serving as part of the Tau'ri-Jaffa Alliance. After the death of Carson Beckett she became the temporary head of medicine on Atlantis, but found it difficult to cope with the pressures of the job. Despite this she helped to heal the wounded after an attack by the Empire. However, her status later seemed more permanent. During her time, she has become widely accepted by the rest of the Expedition. She would start a relationship with fellow member Rodney McKay after he confessed his love to her while infected with the Second Childhood. At one point before the start of the relationship, McKay was challenged by Ronon Dex, who also developed feelings for her. She was part of the Endor's Medical Relief Force in the Endor War

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