Jerec was a powerful Miraluka Jedi Master and Jedi archaeologist who turned to the dark side under the Empire, becoming a feared Inquisitor during the First War. Jerec was apprenticed to a Jedi archaeologist, Jocasta Nu, and became a Jedi archaeologist himself, versed in knowledge of the Jedi's past, especially the Sith. A Jedi Master, he was on a long-term deployment searching for ancient knowledge in the Unknown Regions. He disappeared following the formation of the Combine controlled Galactic Protectorate but returned, leading his own Imperial Remnant faction (which allied itself with the Pentastar Alignment) and tried to find the legendary Valley of the Jedi in a quest for his own personal power, however, he was killed during this quest by Kyle Katarn in a duel in the Valley in 2385.

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Even as a Jedi, Jerec was covetous of knowledge and haughty in demeanor. Jocasta Nu built in him a deep love of learning, telling him that answers came only to those who sought them most devotedly. This developed into an association of knowledge with power, causing Jerec to pursue knowledge—and power—even more passionately. That passion burned so brightly that it pushed Jerec beyond the bounds of the Jedi Order; after he attained Jedi Mastery, he felt that he had achieved as much knowledge as he could with the Jedi.

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