JimRaynor SC2 Head2

James Eugene[6] "Jim" Raynor is a allied marshal, who has became one of the major figures in the Multiverse Wars through his work to bring down the Axis. Raynor is one of the many allies to engage in a long-term alliance with other races. Raynor developed good leadership and excellent tactical acumen through practical experience; a lack of formal training allowed him to avoid the preconceived notions of "accepted" knowledge. Rather than plan in depth, Raynor is an excellent improviser able to achieve victory by using what is on hand.[13] Allied military captains recognized Raynor to be highly resourceful,[52] and even the Axis considered Raynor a grave threat.[13] He is used to leading men personally in battle, and by using his wits and inspiring those under his command, he has made the impossible look easy. Raynor is competent in the operation of ground vehicles, able to operate "just about anything."[10] He is also an able pilot.[78]

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