Crichton 1

John Robert Crichton, Jr. (played by Ben Browder) was an IASA astronaut who was shot through a wormhole to a distant part of the universe during an experiment. As he demonstrated many times, John Crichton was a man of principle and conviction and was prepared to risk and sacrifice himself and his friends (provided they were willing to help) for what he believed in. When one of the "twinned" Crichtons died while preventing Furlow from selling wormhole knowledge to the Scarrans, the other risked everything by taking his friends onto Scorpius' command carrier. When he finally made it back to Earth, he voluntarily gave up the happiness of a life on Earth that he had longed for since he was shot through the wormhole. Shortly after he left Earth, he once again risked himself and his friends, this time to stop the Scarrans from obtaining wormhole technology. However there was one thing more important to him than his principles and his beliefs, and that was Aeryn Sun, one of the founders of the Task Force 141 group. His love for her proved to be his ultimate driving force. He joined the Alliance of Nations

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