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John Sheridan was Jeffrey Sinclair's replacement as Commander of Babylon 5. Under his leadership, Babylon 5 seceded from the Earth Alliance, the second Shadow war was resolved, and President Morgan Clark was overthrown, after which Sheridan became the first Grand Chairmen of the Alliance of Nations around 2374 N.E. He eventually married a Cygnarian female Victoria Haley and they had a son, David Sheridan II. He would later became Elected to became the Third President of the Multiversal Federation

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John Sheridan is the son of David Sheridan, a once prominent diplomat. Academically, Sheridan was said to be an average but enthusiastic student. During his adolescence, he drifted in and out of various hobbies, including a brief but obsessive interest in the works of the Dalai Lama, whom he met when he was 21.[1]

He joined the Alliance shortly after the First War started, feeling this was the patriotic thing to do, and wanting to be part of something bigger than himself.[2]

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