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John wick

"John will come for you. And you will do nothing...because you can do nothing"

John Wick is a lergandary Assassin for hire within the multiverse and is known sometimes as just Baba Yaga (The Boogeyman when translated from Russian). Many have said he is the one you send to kill the Boogeyman. John Wick's fighting style is a so called Gun fu, in which he can seem to use karate and Judo skills in combination with his pistol. John is adept in all froms of fireamrs of the 21st century ranging from shotguns, pistols to even having killed around 5 people with just a pencil in his home universe.

Home universe history[]

following the death of his wife, John has remained withdrawn from the world of organized crime, instead choosing to spend his days driving his prized car and caring for his dog Daisy, who was left to him by Helen. All of this changed when a brash Russian gangster named Iosef (who was later revealed to be Viggo Tarasov's son) tries to buy his car at a gas station, but John refuses. An upset Iosef later leads his gang in an assault at John's house during which he attacks the hitman, kills Daisy, and steals his car, leaving him unconscious.

Aware that John will come to take revenge, Viggo tells the protagonist and tries to advocate peace for his son but John silently refuses, forcing him to send a group of assassins to kill his former associate. Succeeding in killing all of them in a brutal fight, Wick chases Iosef in a nightclub but the security team of Viggo's son prevents him from killing the gangster. Viggo, in an attempt to protect his son from John's wrath, sends several assassins, including Marcus and Ms. Perkins, to eliminate him. However, the ultimate result of the conflict is the death of both Iosef and Viggo, along with Marcus (killed by Viggo for attempting to assist John) and Ms. Perkins (killed by Continental Hotel staff for violating their rules). John then adopts a pit-bull who is set to be euthanized before returning home.

With his vengeance against the Tarasovs accomplished, John recovers his car from Abram Tarasov, Viggo's brother. Wanting peace, he allows Abram to live in exchange for a truce. He then returns to his retirement with his new dog.

However, Santino D'Antonio arrives at his house afterward, asking him to pay his debt. When John refuses, the Italian destroys his house with a grenade launcher. John later goes to the Continental Hotel where he is confronted by Winston, the owner of the Continental, who tells him to fulfill his debt, otherwise, his life is forfeit. John then confronts Santino in a museum and the Italian tasks him to kill his sister, Gianna D'Antonio, who's been selected to represent their family at the High Table so he can assume her throne. Reluctantly, John accepts, knowing he must, and he travels to Rome where he uses gold coins to get an armored suit, as well as weapons.

When John arrives at Gianna's ascendance party in Roman ruins, she tells that she knows what her brother has done and slits her own wrists to maintain what little agency she has left. John, who only shoots her after she's dead, finds that completing his mission has made him Santino's next target. He then fights his way through a rigorous assault by Ares, Santino's right-hand woman, and her cohorts. After escaping the ambush, he is forced to fight Cassian as well and the two men crash at the Continental Hotel of Rome. In the bar, John apologizes for killing Gianna, while Cassian vowed revenge.

Santino places a $7.000.000 bounty in John Wick's head. A lot of hitmen attempted to kill John, including Cassian. But John kills them all, except Cassian who is left alive for professional respect. John Wick arrives at the Bowery King where his wounds are treated. And then John convinces the Bowery King to help him kill Santino, who provides him with a gun with seven bullets and information about Santino's location. John manages to kill most of Santino's henchmen and leaves Ares badly injured, while Santino escapes at Continental Hotel. The Italian demands Winston to revoke John Wick's membership, but he decided and tells him that Continental is his kingdom and John hasn't broken any rules yet. At the same time, Winston tells Santino that he has privileges in the Continental. However, John arrives and finds Santino. Winston tells Wick to walk away, but the assassin ignores his warnings and kills Santino inside the Continental before returning home.

The next day, John is asked to come to a park where Winston informs John that his bounty has been doubled by the Camorra and The High Table and is now international. He is informed that he is now excommunicado, however, John is provided 1 hour to prepare.

At first, John casually walks away from Winston but after hearing cell phone after cell phone ring, John realizes the danger he is in and the urgency to prepare for what comes next. Wick and his dog start to run.

The Multiverse[]

John Wick's home universe was first encountered by the Axis of Nations Greater German Empire who first tried peaceful negoations with Earth, however when the earth government disocvered who they were communcating with all diplomacy was cut off, in the war for for conquest of Earth-217 (Dubbed in German database) John Wick managed to steal a Greater German Empire landing Saucer and used it to get off planet, mainly because of his excommunicato, it is unkown how John managed to use German craft's on board hyperdrive but evidence suggests that John used one of the crew on the suacer and may have disposed of them afterwards.

Bounty Hunter[]

In the Viau universe many in the criminal organasation in the outer rim spoke of a an assasian who called himself the baba Yaga, the Galatic Empire tried finding if the rumours were true but were unsuccessful, the Hutt Cartel started to fear this new rumour and wanted to find who this assasin was, the bounty hunter Bobo Fett was sent to hunt down John wick (Though Fett didn't know who he was at the time) and met him in Mos eisley cantina on Viau Tatioone, John paid his respects to Boba Fett as he was a bounty hunter like himself. It seemed John used Bounty hunter contracts to earn the Imperial credits and to make a name of himself and had even killed some who hired him because of moral dilemina. Fett, not wanting to fight John Wick offered if he'd be intrested in serving the Hutt Cartel. John said he heard that no one goes against the Hutt Cartel.

As a bounty hunter John wick will accept any contract at any price even free of charge, his code of conduct and respect even to other bounty hunters has earned him frame byond recgonistion but respect. Even when travellig through an imperial checkpoint John Wick will be respected like a VIP like if he was an Impeiral government offical. Although a few times John's work has been against the Galactic Empire, against "rogue" imperial officers. One story that spreaded like wildfire in how John snuck on board to an Imperial star destroyer, snuck through to the bridge executed the security on the bridge along with the officer and left via an escape pod and got picked up by his client. Though the life pod bit of the story may have been exaggerated it may also be that John destroyed the star destroyer by setting its core to overdrive and used a tie fighter to escape. The Star destroyer he boarded was called Vendetta though it has not been seen since the First multiverse war and by any Galatic Empire knowledge sent a distress signal or was engaged in combat.

Hutt Cartel[]

"What is that thing" John Wick

"Thats Jabba the Hutt" Boba Fett

"And everyone fears him?"

Boba Fett introduced John Wick to Jabba the Hutt although John was unimpressed by the large slug like creature, Jabba took a great intrest into Wick, especially in how old he was. Jabba got to know a few things about John Wick and offered him a job as one of his own personal bounty hunters, Jabba gave what he persived as an "impossible" task and ordered him to find Han Solo and bring him into his custody. Because Han was in the Alliance of Nations he thought John would meet his demise, though he would soon be impressed by the former assassin's talents.

Combat Skills[]

While more on the lines of prowess, John Wick is adept to all forms of military grade weapons from the 21st century as stated, however he has learned that laser weaponry is not so different and operates largely the same expect the muntion it fires as such with little to no recoil John has mastered in using light weapons. When it comes to heavy weaponry John doesn't really use heavy machine guns largely to the fact it hinders mobility, though he is willing to use rocket launcers. John's combat history had been largely close ranged although he was an adept sniper. His ability to take multiple foes at once in close quaters makes him a strong combatment with even stromtroopers surprised at how up close and personal he was and able to almost mandel them at will.

John on multiple occasions has taken wounds and seems to shrug them off like they're nothing or gets the lucky graze. His ability to draw out his sidearm faster than his opponent has won him many firefights.


The home universe history is taken from the John Wick fandom and is for those unfamiliar to who John Wick is

Neo is the young version of John wick's character (But is not John wick himself) in what would have been John's early twenties, the two characters are seperate entities but share the same facial features almost identical twins.