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"Ladies and Gentlemen! I am presently unsure as to how to separate those of you who have fed my growing distaste for mankind, for those who, thus far, have not. However, it is with far more certainty that I know such a problem will not be factored in to what I will share with all of you today.

The Last Thing You See Before You Die

Johnny C. before he massacres an entire city full of innocent people.

Jonathan Carver, also known as Johnny C., is one of the most dreaded Berserk Morts known to the multiverse.


Jonathan Carver was born in 1990, his father being a grifter and his mother being the leader of a cult worshipping the Violator. Suffice to say, Jonathan's early life was tumultuous to say the least. He was horrifically abused by his mother and the rest of the cult; beaten over minor transgressions, branded, starved, whipped, locked in closets, and regularly tortured.

Occult symbols and iconography was regularly carved and branded into the boy's body while his mother regularly beat the cult's beliefs into his skull, convincing him that he and all of humanity was a sin that needed cleansing. He was never allowed to go to school, celebrate his birthday, ride a bike, or even play with other children. All of these traumatic moments slowly caused Jonathan to develop a myriad of mental instabilities and disorders.

After 17 years of torture, just as the cult's goal was within reach, Jonathan killed his mother and the rest of the cultists before escaping from the warehouse he was held in his whole life. But sufficed to say, the damage was irreversible and many would suffer for it down the line.

When he reached the age of 23, Johnny became a serial killer, mass murderer, and spree killer. During this time, Jonathan gained national attention after slaughtering 900 people and mutilating them in all kinds of horrific manners. Jonathan dies after killing himself out of a sense of nihilism, denying the families of those whom he slaughtered closure.

However, this was not the end of Jonathan as the serial killer awoke in the Plains of Rebirth.

Due to his already unstable mental state and the sanity blasting effects of the Plains, what little remained of Jonathan's sanity was destroyed, with only his nickname "Johnny C." being the only thing left that he could cling to.