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Jonathan J. O'Neill
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Biographical and chronological information


Earth, Eur'uui Universe

Date of birth:

1429 N.E.

Physical and biological description


Human (Tau'ri)



Societal and political information


Stargate Command, Alliance Joint Military




Military Leader


"He's an amazing man. After everything he's done, he's still modest, quite self effacing actually. He even likes people to think he's not as smart as he really is. Bottom line: He's an incredibly strong leader who's given more of himself for this program than anyone has given for... well... anything I can imagine."

Marian Hawke

Jonathan J. O'Neill, also known as John or, most commonly, Jack, was a Lt. General, in the United States Air Force, who served eight years in the Stargate Program until he was transferred to The Pentagon to become the head of Homeworld Command (also called Homeworld Security) and the 9th Supreme General of the Multiversal Federation. He was the original leader of the Tau'ri-Jaffa Alliance and later became the commander of Alliance Joint Military. Delenn has called him "O'Neill of Stargate America", or, jokingly, "Human". He was known for commanding their forces in the Gi'ru Conflict and the Great Battle of Endor and the Group 935 manhunt mission


Background information[]

Jack O'Neill was born on October 20, 1429 N.E. in Illinois, USA and moved to Minnesota at a young age. His father-in-law described him as being an Irishman, confirming that he is of Irish descent. According to his clone, apparently he never really did embrace high school.

Personality Edit[]

"You have a thing for The Simpsons, fishing, Mary Steenburgen, the color peridot, and you're a terrible ping pong player!"
Montgomery Scott [src]

Jack has a very dry sense of humor (which he acquired after his mission to Abydos, before that he was a quiet and serious man) and is impatient with complicated explanations. However, in a conversation with Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, he explains that he is worried about her because she has not tried to baffle him with scientific babble for a few days. When he is asked a scientific question he doesn't know the answer to, he often jokingly answers with "magnets," or some variation of the term. As stated by Cassandra Fraiser, Jack pretends he's not as smart as he really is.

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