Joruus C'baoth

Joruus C'baoth (pronounced /dʒo'ɹus sə'beoθ/) was an insane Dark Jedi who played a pivotal role in the Thrawn campaign. A clone of the Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth, he was created by Palpatine, and became the Guardian of the Imperial storehouse at Mount Tantiss on Wayland. In 2005 N.E, Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered the existence of the storehouse and traveled to Wayland. He succeeded in recruiting the Dark Jedi to join him in his campaign to destroy the Alliance, making good use of his battle meditation powers. C'baoth also attempted to lure Allison Jakes and James Kirk to the dark side of the Force as part of a plan to seize the Empire for himself. However, as his plan entered its final stages, Thrawn had C'baoth imprisoned in Mount Tantiss, having finally realized the threat the insane Jedi posed to the Axis.

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