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Julian Subatoi Bashir was a Human Allied officer who served as Chief Medical Officer of the Allied space station Deep Space 9 (later known as Imperia Nolus). Due to his genetic enhancements Julian, in many ways, possessed a superior physiology to other Humans. His intellect was the most obvious example of this, as he was able to perform complex computations faster than a computer and his recall was almost absolute.

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Julian Bashir was born in late 2341. Originally named "Jules," he changed his name at age 15 to "Julian;" he was the only child to Richard and Amsha Bashir. One of Julian's most prized possessions as a child was his stuffed teddy bear, Kukalaka. When Julian was a boy, he took him everywhere he went. In 2346, at the tender age of five, Bashir performed his first surgery when he re-stuffed his well-worn Kukalaka. Bashir continued to hang on to Kukalaka well into his adulthood.

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