The July 9th Attacks were a series of two coordinated suicide attacks by Zann Consortium upon Cygnarians in Zol Earth on Saturday, June 9th, 2211 N.E. On that morning, 8 Zann Consortium terrorists hijacked two commercial passenger jet airliners. The hijackers intentionally crashed the two airliners into the Alliance Banking Building in New Hawaii, killing everyone on board and thousands of those working in the buildings. The building collapsed after the second airliner hit the building.

Consortium Video Edit

Soon after the attacks, Zann Consortium leader Tyber Zann released a video in which Consortium claimed responsibility for the attacks. They also stated that Consortium wouldn't let up on attacks.

"The Zann Consortium has achieved the complete economic devastation

of the Union of Earth. this is my final offer, Join me, or, I'll reduce your world and your civilization to ruins , one of which I'll make certain that you have no hope to ever crawl out of!" - Tyber Zann in the video released by Zann Consortium

Economic Effects Edit

The effects of the attack were devastating within the Union of Earth. Companies which didn't have backups for stocks lost all of their stocks, and after hearing this the people of UOE began selling stocks fearing a depression. This in turn caused the Zol Earth Depression of 2211.

International response Edit

  • The InterGalactic Banking Clan, along with its occupied territories, responded by sending 5 billion zollar. This aid was quickly applied by the UOE government and used to relieve the sudden economic crash. It was donated by President Charles Ehrenberg.
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