Kalyn Belcher was portrayed by Zoe Saldana in Great Multiverse: Nemesis

"If you dare try to hurt my kids, their will be hell to pay! I don't care if your the so-called bloody 'He who must not be named'! if you hunt my kids, I will make you wish you could die!"

-Kalyn towards Voldemort, 2408 NE

Kalyn Belcher Scott, born Kalyn Elizabeth Belcher (April 14th, 1320 NE), is a British woman of African descant who is a well known and high influential member of the Allied Council, but, despite her popularity and overall influence, she refused any higher positions, believing them to be too 'egotistical'. Following the First War's end, Kalyn married Alexi Scott and continued to serve the Alliance of Nations and it's successor, the Multiversial Federation Faithfully.

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