The Karemma are a humanoid civilization native to the Gamma Quadrant planet Karemma. They are also members of the Dominion. Relations between the Karemma and the Viau Universe were first established by the Galactic Empire for the purchase of tulaberry wine to Firmus Piett and their admirals of the Executor. Physically, Karemma are tall and slender with black or dark brown hair that is combed back. They have a head ridge, like Klingons, but smoother and without edges. The head ridge goes down, and over the nose. The ridge can be slightly seen to the chin of a Karemma. As a result of this ridge, their nose looks very large. Karemma have normal eyes that are gray, black or brown. The nose is quite large in the lower end. It is very broad and one line in the skin on each side of their nose is pointing downwards to the outer sides of their face. Overall this gives them a somewhat rodent-like appearance. They joined the Coalition of Independent States

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