"Hello again, 781592275. It was my thirteenth death you were last involved in? Admit it. You, or one of your Allied friends killed me. I came back. The cycle repeats itself. What makes you think this time will be different?"
"I've got some of my friends on the other side."
Escape wip by kwibl-d5wvs10

Federal Soldiers assaulting a Katastrofi Cult base

The Katastrofi Cult Conflict, also known as the Cult Conflict, was a conflict that occurred from November 18th, 6093 to March 6413 N.E that was mainly fought by the Multiversial Federation and the Katastrofi Cult. It's regarded as being brutal with a high number of beings killed, this war also saw the final death of the Cruel Lord, which brought an end to the war as well.

History Edit

The Cult Strikes Edit

Slaying The Hydra Edit

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The Final Battle Edit

Operation Tartarus Edit

While Federal soldiers would report that the battle ended there, many on the opposite side of the Planet were preparing to truly end the battle on the dead world. Countless mages from the ether Conclave, Federal Psi-Scholastika, and numerous other Magical orders enacted a ritual that would finally, truly kill The Cruel Lord. After what seemed like years, he revealed himself. He was surrounded by cloned (or just highjacked) minds of his past lives followed by his cultists, both from what remains of his Occult, and the Katastrofi Cult. These Mages of both Dark and Light magic opened up a rift to a place in the Plains of Rebirth where Scott and his comrades fought the Cruel Lord for one last time, using a weapon designed to destroy the very soul itself. Thousands of Mages died, before the Cruel Lord's soul was finally destroyed, appearing as a black, light-sucking void of flames, and the pain of this caused him releasing a howl that decimated many weaker mages, and cursed the few surviving ones with the dread echo of his cruelty and malevolence, becoming the few remains of a monster that has plagued the Multiverse for eons.

People involved Edit

The Katastrofi Cult Edit

  • Priest Hazarmaveth Abaddon (Yiloala Kutarukia)

The Multiversial Federation Edit

Side Notes Edit

  • While conflict largely involved the Katastrofi Cult, and as such the reason why the conflict gained its name in the first place, a number of other cults were also involved in the conflict, albeit not in as much of a significant manner as the Katastrofi Cult but it still resulted in numerous cults being destroyed by the end of the war.
  • Some of these cults that were involved were somewhat aligned with the Katastrofi Cult, though this was rare, and appears that the reason why these cults aided the Katastrofi Cult in the first place is due to the cult being led by the same man, like the remnants of the Emperor's Occult who were one of the better-known cults allied with the Katastrofi Cult.
  • Most of these cults that were involved in this conflict were entirely independent of each other, often fighting each other as often they did federal forces, each cult pressuring their own goals, which in turn puts them in conflict with other cults.
  • Some of these cults involved in this conflict are; the Church of the Broken God, the Fifth Church, the Sarkic Cults, the Cult of the Gods Made Flesh and the Fellowship of the Madden God.
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