Kendal Ozzel was a male Human born into a wealthy Caridan family. After studying at multiple Core World military institutes, Ozzel graduated as a Captain of the Line but was delegated to teaching positions because his superiors had doubts about his ability to serve as an effective field commander. Ozzel was eventually assigned as the captain of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Reprisal, but he longed for a promotion to admiral. As commanding officer of the Reprisal, Ozzel oversaw campaigns against the Alliance in the Shelsha sector; on one such mission, Ozzel became involved in a plot to kill Maya when he erroneously believed her arrival aboard the Star Destroyer was part of her defection in the Axis Labs 265. He was killed in the Endor War

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A by-the-books officer,[6] Kendal Ozzel was generally viewed unfavorably, considered inept by many Imperials and others. There was a vast array of opinions on the officer; BloodScar mercenary Caaldra saw Ozzel as predictable, while Maya was unable to tell if he was treacherous, easily manipulated, or simply dim-witted.[15] His superiors at the Coruscant naval academy, in particular, were loath to give him a position of command.[5] When on the verge of defeat on the battlefield, Ozzel opted to surrender rather than risk death in continued combat. If he were to be interrogated, Ozzel preferred to betray his allies to the enemy rather than risk execution,[10] attempting to justify his betrayal to himself later on.[12] These traits made many wonder how he achieved his rank of admiral.

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