Kepler Prime, formerly known as Kepler 22b, is the homeworld of the Principality of Kepleria within the Inner Rim. Its vast oceans and numerous collections of islands build up the natural beauty of the planet and serve as important areas that contain valuable resources for its inhabitance. Its capital city is Kepler City.


Neloqua Deelequa, Prime Minister of Kepleria.

Descendants of dark-skinned colonists (primarily those of African ancestry) who escaped from the growing Galactic Empire, Kepleria is home to a culture similar towards bronze age civilization (excluding ancient Egypt). While more culturally diverse than the rest of the civilizations, the people of Kepleria view themselves as the "true human race" or the "original humans", resulting into a policy of xenophobia against light-skinned humans, in which they see as "albino race-traitors". They often hold a hierarchical society consisting of the wealthy elite, including religious leaders and royal family members, and the working class. Those of the classless are either enslaved or forcefully exiled out of the system.

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