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Kerra (Second Human Empire: Suu'jjhi Aoo'ooupi) trace their ancestry back to their first great leader, Kejaan. He travelled the continent of Odus, uniting the various tribes into one kingdom and ushering in an era of peace and prosperity. One day, Erud and his High Men arrived to settle the continent. This splinter group of humans took over much kerra land; even worse, a great plague infected many and caused massive deaths. The Kerra blamed the Heretics and their study of necromancy. Kejaan succumbed to the plague, leaving his son Vah Kerrath as leader. He vowed to make the Heretics pay. The Kerrans joined the Alliance of Nations to rival with other feline-like races such as Mrrshan and the Kilrathi, they had good relations with the Dilgar and the Cathars, both of which joined the Allies as well.

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