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A Kesloini couple.

The Kesloini, also known as Redskins or the Shadows, according to the Stranded Ones, are a race of red-skinned humanoids native to the jungle world of Keslon V. Their physical appearance and cultural aspects are similar to those of humans (primarily the Sub-Saharan people), with the exception of their bright red skin and enhanced agility. They worship the White Ape of Pur as their god, offering it sacrificial rituals to keep evil spirits from infesting their lands, although this is only a mere superstition based on myth. They ususaly fight against the human tribes as well as each other, due to their inherited obsession with tribal skirmishes and violence. They also appear to have a lower intelligence compared to humans and usually rely primarily on large numbers and primitive weapons, as they have a hatred towards advanced technology and civilized life.