Kingdom Key KH

Keyblades, are mysterious weapons that was created by Hitt'lon Zizz'lii with his Blade of the Apocalypse. Wielded by the warriors of the Malica Universe. It's made though a combination of nanities, psyhic powers and metal work.



Malican EmpireEdit

Malican RepublicEdit

Shattered AgeEdit

Age of UncertaintyEdit

Worlds WarEdit

Malican Cold WarEdit

Malican WarEdit

First Multiverse WarEdit

Malican Civil WarEdit

First AftermathEdit

Second Multiverse WarEdit

Second AftermathEdit

Infection WarEdit

Unity EraEdit

Third Multiverse WarEdit

Third AftermathEdit


Pre-Fall of the Malican EmpireEdit

Post-Fall of the Malican EmpireEdit


Individuals who wield this weapon (and their most used weapon)Edit

Hitt'lon Zizz'lii (Blade of the Apocalypse)Edit

Fide (Blade of Destruction)Edit

Chusei (Blade of Death)Edit

Sora Yujo (Two Becames One)Edit

Kairi Kettei Yujo (Edit

Riku Yami (Edit

Roxas Yujo (Oblivion)Edit

Xion Yujo (Edit

Aqua (Edit

Terra (Edit

Ventus (Edit

Xehanort (Edit

Vanitas (Edit

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