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Keyblades are mysterious weapons wielded by the warriors known as Keyblade Wielders serve an important Attlee between Light and Dark. In the Malica Universe, they were originally crafted by by Hitt'lon Zizz'lii, the emperor of the ancient Malican Empire with his Blade of the Apocalypse.



Malican Empire

Malican Republic

Shattered Age

Age of Uncertainty

Worlds War

As the Malica Universe was in a state of near conflict between various worlds taking sides, mostly between the Heartless Empire and the Commonwealth, Yen Sid now sought the other remaining masters to rebuild the order to seek potential Wielders to maintain the balance until he has found a way to bring the heroes back while to maintain order within the new Commonwealth to aide the Rangers against the Heartless and other enemy foes.

Malican Cold War

Malican War

First Multiverse War

Malican Civil War

First Aftermath

Second Multiverse War

Second Aftermath

Infection War

Unity Era

Third Multiverse War

Third Aftermath


Pre-Fall of the Malican Empire

Post-Fall of the Malican Empire


Individuals who wield this weapon (and their most used weapon)

Hitt'lon Zizz'lii (Blade of the Apocalypse)

Fide (Blade of Destruction)

Chusei (Blade of Death)

Sora Yujo (Two Becames One)

Kairi Kettei Yujo (

Riku Yami (

Roxas Yujo (Oblivion)

Xion Yujo (

Aqua (

Terra (

Ventus (

Xehanort (

Vanitas (


  • Depending on certain universes such as the Malica where they were crafted by an emperor of an ancient empire before his imprisonment,