Kil'coni Universe, also known as the Urban Universe, the City of Endless Worlds and Endless Complex, is a universe completely covered in a massive, universe-spanning city, a truly bizarre thing to see happen to a Universe in the vast sea of Universes in the known Multiverse. Although now ruined, the city's structured remained relatively intact despite the numerous eons that have passed since the civilization that created the city disappeared. In fact, no one knows what happened to the civilization, or species, that created the ruined city that completely dominates the universe, what they were like, how their civilization function, nothing. The only thing that remains of their possible grand civilization is the ruined Uni-City in Kil'coni. That's not to say that the massive city isn't inhabited, quite the opposite, numerous species still reside in its' ruins, on the planets, the massive corridors that connect them, the Dyson sphere like contracts that surrounds the untold trillions upon trillions upon trillions of stars in the universe and other sections of the city that still remains. Most of these life-forms are animals based species that have adapted to the artificial environment they find themselves in but the closest sentient species in the Kil'coni Universe City is the Urbanerthals. The Urbanerthals are classified as Semi-Sentient as they have the intelligence to create basic tools and social structures, which largely limited to great primate 'troops' like structures. What makes the Urbanerthals unique is the fact that its' really a catch-all term to refer to numerous semi-sentient species that lives in the massive city, with various and often wildly different species found all over the city's unimaginably large ruins, suggesting that these Urbanerthals are the last remnants of the species that possible constructed the universe-spanning city so many eons ago. 




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