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The Imperial flag of the Empire at the time before it was reorganized

The Kilominitic Empire, before it was known as the Empire of the Combine Race, their last Emperor, the same Emperor who once ruled the Empire of the Combine Race and started the Olkimanic Universal War of which was about a centillion years ago they won and with that war was the first step to the End of the Human Empire.  


Government and politics[]

The ancient Kilominitic Empire government and political structure was... complicated... the old empire was a Federal Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy, with thirteen dynasties, the Kutarukias, the Tinimas, the Quinimakias, the Kunniamers, the Terlierkias, the Kooiliers, the Vuuilimers, the Zilikimerias, the Niluuks, the Qinloomers, the Tiuiliks, the Zulizzumers, and the Viuulizziks. Each of these dynasties can gain control of the throne through parliament should they believe the family holding the throne is no longer fit to hold it. For much of the old empire history, Parliament held nearly all the power in the Empire, with the Emperor or Empress serving only as the head of state and command of the armed forces. Parliament ensures that the Emperor or Empress can never become a tyrant who abuses and takes the rights of people away from them. However, Yiloala, did everything in his power to strip the powers of parliament, usually by supporting, blackmailing and outright assassinating as many parliamentarians that can enact his goals or were a threat to them. Once he had taken the Throne, most of parliament was firmly under his control and he quickly and quietly went to work stripping Parliament of all the powers they had and placing them firmly in the hands of the Emperor of the Empire, which is to say, himself. From there he would declare war on the wider Universe and had the Empire conquer it all, this served as a wake up call for parliament who planned to remove the Kutarukias from power by electing one of the other dynasties to replace them, using the one remaining power they had that wasn't taken from them. However, the Purge occurred before they could, removing the one power parliament had that Emperor Yiloala hadn't taken from them, turning parliament into nothing more than a remnant of a time before Yiloala's ascension to Emperor.

Foreign relations and military[]

Administrative divisions[]

the Thirteen Royal Families[]

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Tinima Family

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