Cygnar (Now its called United Federation of Cygnar after the first war) is a protector of its people at odds with many forces that seek its strength and prosperity for their own. Now Cygnar’s proud military, seasoned by bloody warfare, protects the nation from the Axis of Empires and the Coalition of Independent States. Forged on the anvil of war, Cygnar’s military forces grow more experienced with each passing day. However, as the Crown calls for recruits and rewards the valiant with gold coin and commissions earned in service, the ominous pressures of a war on many fronts drains the nation’s coffers. Younger and younger recruits enlist each day, and the training period for infantry has intensified.

Cygnarian Haley Industries HT9A1 Istrenyr Tank

A Cygnarian Haley HT9A1 Tank, The backbone of the Cygnarian Army

Lt Allison Jakes

Allison Jakes, the most well known war heroine of Cygnar

Many say that Cygnar’s vanguard is their advanced weapons; indeed, the nation is unequalled in the synthesis of science. Their advanced technology is evident in the varied strengths of their troops from specialty forces such as the fabled Stormblades (replaced by HT9A1 MBTs) and units of soldiers. The Royal Navy too is peerless in its might because of support for its ships, and it has become crucial in preventing incursions from the sea in recent times. As new vehicles trundle off assembly lines, engineers find themselves forced to implement alterations in the field to suit the conditions of combat. It would seem that war is changing the pace of Cygnar’s technology as swiftly as it is changing the pace of its people. Their foundries produce more weapons, vehicles, components, and material to support the war effort, and goods and rare materials throughout the kingdom are now rationed for the military. As of now, Cygnar is a member of the Alliance of Nations. The capital of Cygnarian space is the Stryker system.

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For more about their weapons and vehicles, See The Weapons of Cygnar


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