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Captain Klaa was a young Klingon starship commander on a personal mission to make a name for himself in the Klingon Empire. With the assistance of his first officer, Vixis, Klaa pursued any challenge he could find. He was best known as the Captain of the IKS Okrona. He was killed during the Delta Sword Conflict.

Early Career[]

Klaa had followed the career of Allied admirals since he was a boy and paralleled Kirk's career as he was rising through the ranks. Klaa became a well known as a gunner and highlighted his career in a skirmish on the Romulan border. Klaa was solely responsible for destroying three Orio vessels and the salvation of his own ship. In response to this one heroic act (and many influential supporters), Klaa was promoted to Captain (at the time the youngest in the KDF) and given command of the IKS Okrona in August 2287. There were some in the KDF who believed that this was too much of a reward for the battle and called Klaa a genius behind the gunner's rig but an imbecile in command. This encouraged Klaa to carve out one more great victory to prove his greatness.