T-80k 1b

The Kodiak Main Battle Tank is the backbone of the Russian armored corps. The famous Russian Kodiak tank of today has only little left in common with the late Cold War era models it was originally based on. The stagnation of the Russian economy in the first two decades of the 21st century turned the implementation of the much touted Armata programme into a difficult endeavour, which is why President Suvorov decided to scale down the project and re-adapt some of its state-of-the-art technologies into the vast fleet of existing vehicles to save costs, for he preferred to improve the nation's crumbling infrastructure, industry, education and healthcare system during the early years of his reign. The result was an upgraded version of their T-90A tank, currently in service with the Russian Army. Costing only a fraction of the cost of the Armata program, the T-90M2 Kodiak was a fairly conservative design, which sported an entirely new 125mm smoothbore cannon with advanced optics and stabilisation, an improved 1300 hp diesel engine and a turret section that was controlled entirely from within the chassis. The advanced integrated tactical system, Catherine-FC thermal imaging sensor, and GLONASS navigation system on the Kodiak in addition to Relikt ERA and composite armor give it more combat effectiveness than the earlier generation of T-90 tanks. The Russian Army also styarted pulling a number of T-80M type tanks out of storage and given them similar upgrades to the T-90M2. They were used by the Alliance of Nations

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