Codex ME - Krogan

The Krogan, also known as Dicc'ler Vil'xender by the Second Human Empire , are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance of vicious predators. The krogan managed to not only survive on their unforgiving homeworld, but actually thrived in the extreme conditions. Unfortunately, as krogan society became more technologically advanced, so did their weaponry.

Four thousand years ago, at the dawn of the krogan nuclear age, battles to claim the small pockets of territory capable of sustaining life escalated into full scale global war. Weapons of mass destruction were unleashed, transforming Tuchanka into a radioactive wasteland. The krogan were reduced to primitive warring clans struggling to survive a nuclear winter of their own creation, a state that continued until they were discovered by the salarians two thousand years later. It had soon be realized that the Protheans and the humans had created the krogan as a slave race for physical labor, altough the human race place them in many different fields of usefulness ranging from labor all the way to engineering but the Protheans used them for labor only.
A future for the krogan by dunechampion-d54mqvz

A krogan parade.

With the help of the salarians, the krogan were "uplifted" into galactic society, and lent their numbers and military prowess to bring an end to the Rachni Wars (see below). Ironically, after the rachni were eradicated, the rapidly-expanding krogan became a threat to the galaxy in turn, starting the Krogan Rebellions and forcing the turians to unleash the genophage. This genetic "infection" dramatically reduced fertility in krogan females, causing a severe drop in births secondary to prenatal and postnatal death and, ultimately, population, eliminating the krogan numerical advantage.

As of current issues, they are primarily a neutral force within the multiverse, although they have strong ties with the Orks. It is also clear that they were one of the many nations that fought the First Human Empire during the Great Slave Revolt, but were put down later on and sentenced to internment camps. The Second Human Republic had also suffered from the krogan uprisings and had almost collapsed at this time. Eventually, small sects of krogan had joined the Hegemony of Independent States while few others joined the Alliance of Nations, leaving a vast majority to remain uninvolved.

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