The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), or simply "the Klan", includes three distinct movements in the United States in the Pol and Zol Universes. The first sought to overthrow the Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era, especially by violence against African American leaders. It ended about 1342. The second was a very large, controversial, nationwide organization in the late 1380s and early 1390s that especially opposed Catholics. The Third manifestation consists of numerous small unconnected groups that use the KKK name in Zol while in Pol it was a Pro-Axis (namely Pro-German) Organization that consistently attacks the United States to hinder it's abilities to win the war. They have all emphasized racism, speciesm, secrecy and distinctive costumes. All have called for purification of American society, and all are considered part of right-wing extremism. the Alliance officially calls it a Terrorist Organization in Pol and a Hate Group in Zol.

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