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The Kutarukia Family Crest

The Kutarukia Dynasty, also known as the Kutarukia Royal Family and the House of the Kutarukias was a Kilominitic Dynasty that was created following the Kilominitic Reunifiction War, it's one of the most influential Royal Families in the Multiverse, for better or for worst.



List of Members of this Dynasty[]


  • Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia
  • Emperor Vimble Kutarukia
  • Princess Tial Kutarukia
  • Emperor Rilkia Kutarukia
  • Empress Tikialia Kutarukia
  • Emperor Hijkila Kutarukia
  • Emperor Geikia Kutarukia
  • Empress Tiloloa Kutarukia
  • Emperor Quikial Kutarukia
  • Emperor Quikial Kutarukia the Second
  • Emperor Ruilkiala Kutarukia
  • Emperor Uolka Kutarukia
  • Empress Weilopa Kutarukia
  • Emperor Tililia Kutarukia
  • Emperor Vilkila Kutarukia
  • Empress Viberalman Kutarukia
  • Emperor Canipla Kutarukia
  • Empress Zikila Kutarukia
  • Empress Zixikal Kutarukia
  • Empress Zivibal Kutarukia
  • Empress Zicakbial Kutarukia
  • Emperor Beitkia Kutarukia
  • Emperor Wikia Kutarukia
  • Emperor Kilmakialopa Kutarukia
  • Emperor Vtikial Kutarukia
  • Emperor Eilakia Kutarukia
  • Empress Ribikial Kutarukia
  • Prince Cilomar Kutarukia
  • Princess Oremika Kutarukia
  • Prince Gikalmer Kutarukia
  • Princess Filoqrue Kutarukia
  • Prince Dilakar Kutarukia
  • Duke Aino Kutarukia
  • Duchess Zinnia Kutarukia
  • Duke Frink Kutarukia
  • Duchess Eilizia Kutarukia


  • Archduchess Lukkia Cizuulik (Kutarukia)
  • Empress Dillika Eppical (Kutarukia)
  • Emperor Tor'uk Rom'ack (Human)
  • Emperor Wikillamk Binaklam (Kutarukia)