Crab-droid negtd

LM-432 crab droids were battle droids used by the Axis of Empires. They were nicknamed "muckrackers" because of their extensive use in marshy terrain. Their name was derived from their six-legged scuttling movement and organic appearance. Ranging from three to twenty feet tall, the crab droid could use its legs to attack infantry in its way. As well as their powerful pincer legs, LM-432 crab droids were armed with twin blasters located on the bottom of the droid's body. These blasters were capable of rapid fire and a powerful double blast. They were also equipped with a vacuum pump system integrated into their forward pincers, which could suck up and then spit out mud to either clear space for Separatist forces or obscure the visual sensors of enemy forces. This earned them the nickname of "muckracker".

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