The Lady Luck—a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000—was the personal starship of gambler and Rebel Alliance/New Republic hero Lando Calrissian. The ship was named after Ymile, the girlfriend of Dominic Raynor, who secretly helped Lando win Cloud City from Raynor, and whom Lando nicknamed his "Lady Luck" for her assistance. Lando owned numerous starships throughout his long career, but the Lady Luck has been the one that remained in his possession the longest. Calrissian obtained Lady Luck from an Orthellin royal mistress after the Battle of Endor.

At the time, Lando's involvement with the mining operation known as Nomad City kept him from tinkering with the starship, but in the years since he repeatedly modified and upgraded Lady Luck.

Lando initially planned to transform the Lady Luck into an advanced luxury cruiser. However, Calrissian's near-constant involvement with the New Republic forced him to convert the Lady Luck into a competent combat vehicle. At first glance, the fifty-meter long starship appeared to be an unarmed pleasure yacht, but this placid exterior conceals five retractable laser cannons and a small ion cannon turret. A pair of powerful Chempat-6 deflector shield generators provided moderate protection from enemy fire.

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