The Lambent, or 'glowies' (as the Allies call them), refer to mutated, infected variants of all the life on Sera including Locust, Humans, Animals and even other sentient species (Vulcans, Miraluka, Minbaris and so on) created from prolonged exposure to Imulsion. Most Lambent differ in behavior, appearance, strength, and death from their original counterparts. The Lambent were first seen by the Allied officials who noted how people, mostly Imulsion miners, mutated and became poisoned due to Imulsion exposure. Publically, the Lambent were discovered by the Allied as Lambent Wretches, and later Lambent Drones fighting the Locust in what seems to be some sort of civil war for control of the Hollow. They have the ability to transform in mid battle, after taking several hits. These Lambent are still able to be killed, though they are liable to explode after death, or explode when they want to. The explosion might be remotely detonated by the Lambent form and not automatically activated.[1] The Lambent is a major player in the Infection War. They were wiped out by Adam Fenix with his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon in the final days of the Infection war.

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