The Lancer-class frigate was a capital ship used for anti-starfighter operations in the Imperial Navy. The Lancer-class was a frigate design armed with with 20 AG-2G quad laser cannons, with at least some of these guns capable of being retracted into the main hull of the vessel. The Lancer was propelled by four drive engines and had a hangar bay area on its ventral side, where it could dock two shuttles. In addition, the Lancer has a docking port located on the top of its bow. The ship's bridge was located in the middle of the bow area, below a similar-looking computer/sensor control room. They were used by the Alliance of Nations and the Axis of Empires


Authorised after the Axis defeat at the Serena Moons, the Lancer was intended to defend against the major weakness exhibited by larger Axis starships often referred to as “Trench Run Disease”. Amid growing concern over the effectiveness of the Alliance’s heavily armed and shielded starfighters, Admiral Drez proposed using the Lancer to screen enemy starfighters and allow the larger capital ships to concentrate on ship-to-ship combat. Armed exclusively with anti-starfighter laser cannons, the ship suffered from underpowered sublight engines which allowed many starfighters to simply outrun it. This coupled with the Lancer’s high build cost severely limited its deployment in the fleet and many admirals preferred to sacrifice their cheaper and more numerous starfighters against Allied and horde attacks.

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