P 1000 Ratte Tank Cutaway by VonBrrr

The Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte (lit.: Land Cruiser P. 1000 "Rat") was a super-heavy tank for use by Nazi Germany. It was designed in 1942 (1350 N.E) by Krupp with the approval of Adolf Hitler. At 1,000 metric tons, the P-1000 would have been over five times as heavy as the Panzer VIII Maus, the heaviest tank ever built. The Ratte was to be propelled by two MAN V12Z32/44 24 cylinder marine diesel engines of 6,300 kW (8,400 hp) each (as used in U-boats) or eight Daimler-Benz MB 501 20 cylinder marine diesel engines of 1,500 kW (2,000 hp) each (as used in E-boats) to achieve the 12,000 kW (16,000 hp) needed to move this tank. The Ratte's primary weapon was a dual 280 mm SK C/28 gun turret. The turret was to have been a modified Kriegsmarine triple gun turret, removing one of the guns and loading mechanism.

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