Leela close-up

Leela was a warrior of the savage Sevateem, a tribe of regressed humans. She met Luke Skywalker during his visit to her home planet and aided him against the invading Axis.

After Xoanon was made sane, Leela declined the opportunity to be the leader of the nified Tesh and Sevateem. Luke admitted to liking her, but refused to take her on as a companion, so she entered the Alliance against his wishes.

Leela retained the mindset that life among the primitive and superstitious Sevateem had imprinted upon her. She took the noises of a ship on the River Thames for the attack sound of a swamp creature.

Leela was skilled in combat, both armed and otherwise. She was particularly adept with knives, which she used as throwing weapons.Leela was able to hit an Klingon with a thrown knife and Kirk congratulated her, calling the act "prodigious" and "amazing". She was once found by Axis guard to be strangling her opponent with his own pigtail.

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