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Leysa Fir Donna
Leasable Fir Donna (lover’s herald.jpeg
Biographical and chronological information

Date of birth:

8102 B.N.E.

Date of death:

8080 B.N.E. (Revived)

Physical and biological description


Humanoid (Formally Human)



Hair color:

Chestnut brown

Eye color:


Skin color:


Societal and political information







Unnamed Father (deceased)


Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Marital status:

Open relationship




Leysa Fir Donna, known as the “Lotus Flower” is the herald of The Lover, the entity of love, sexuality and lust to serve for thousands of years since the year 8080 B.N.E, giving the appearance of a beautiful young woman. Despite being the herald of love, she is known to not just help others, but punishes those who done perverted deeds using magic and a blade. She often seen in a revealing girl outfit but most of the time changes appearance on certain worlds and head of the Cult of the Kind Lover at times.

Biography []

Early Life[]

She was once a human who was born from a world where she grew up in the idea of love as the strongest force and performed dances for she expresses her feelings. Her had gathered many and wanted her hand in marriage but didn’t want to be seen as an object to fuel their self desires, making her be their mistress, wife, Queen, or member of a harem. However, she was once in a few relationships but some did not last, then one day in about 8,080 B.N.E., on the night she was doing a service for an unknown god that called to her, a mysterious person who approached her and somehow felt smitten by this being unlike anyone else. And in time the two developed a close friendship.

The Lover's Herald[]

Leysa eventually found out that this being was in fact not just a god, but part of a group far older than any gods she knows, known simply as the Entities and referred individually as The Lover. Offering her the honor of becoming the next herald to help others seek out their true love and expression as well to ensure that she was protected as it feared her beauty makes her a tempting target for all kinds of horrid peoples. Taken the offer and has been given incredible powers to use as a herald and serve her role. While not against the desires of pleasures and lust, she sees those who perform carnal perverted ways onto those who are unwilling to be disgusting and punishes them. Leysa came upon a group of worshippers of her Entity, part of a cult known as the Cult of the Nine Arches, accepted the role as its leader and made certain to not abuse their roles, but used her abilities to grant members to maintain their youths but also accept who they are to spread the word of love,

Over the centuries in her travels across the multiverse, she had found many amazing worlds, comes across several heralds and socializes with them during meetings or other special occasions, but never gets the ones who serve the most dangerous, and arguably the most malevolent, Entities such as the Hunter and the Violator.

Leysa (left) with one of her lovers as a secret wife, expecting a child

As she considered to think of any relationships with individuals, she was approached the Herald of The Mother For a debt to repay for precious event, she had been granted the reward to sire children which she gave birth. This brought joy to Leysa when in her previous life had wanted to experience the joys of loving children of her own, but worries of seeing them grow old and die, or fear for their safety if they exhibit any signs of powers from her. But was assured they be fine and be normal or semi-immortal by choice. This allowed her to experience this with certain groups and to have children with men and women.

The Nightmare[]

The Nightmare entity

About 3675. B.N.E., Leysa travelled to an ancient Earth in the Greek city for a night with a princess and a prince, the herald inadvertently discovered a series of humans with nightmares coming true, confronted this source that turned out to be none other than The Nightmare, knowing it’s reputation as a creature of horrors, she called for other Heralds to help confront the Entity to leave the villagers be. Unable to convince it to leave, the Heralds fought against it to drive out of this world, but when it confronted Leysa saw images she could not understand, but revealed something she had not seen or realised since the day she became a herald, a memory she did not wish to see.

Horrified and yet confused while trying to understand and recover from what just happened on that moment, Leysa spoke with The Lover who revealed the truth of her fate, to Leysa’s horror that she had died a long time ago and the nature of her death, which helps explain for her disdain for those who force themselves onto others, as she was a victim of a gangrape and murder in her old life, and due to her homeworld's close location to the Plains of Rebirth she was reborn as a Mort, even more uniquely, a Mort that managed to maintain her identity and person, while most other Morts often slowly lose themselves as they gradually go insane due to their continued existence in a realm known to twist and morph the psyches and minds of all who resides in it, though most her memories are the only things that did not carry over.

In one of her journeys, while blended as a normal human in her travels to an Earth in the Eii'ujiki Universe, she met a startling beautiful woman who approached her with kindness and warmth, immediately sensed that she was no ordinary human and later discovered this was a version of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty. The two got along well after revealing her ‘Demi-goddess’ status and had kept her presence hidden unless another herald showed up on her Earth to cause trouble, usually came about some time and shared stories.

The First Multiverse War[]

Rise of the Axis[]

Shen, the Herald of the Preserver

Leysa was spending her time in what she calls her ‘summer home’ with The Lover and members of her harem until she received a surprise visit from Shen, the herald of The Preserver to gather some of the available Heralds for certain assignments when the Combine and the Chimera begun their all-out war across The Known Multiverse, surprised some of the Entites would take interest in this conflict given how usually apathetic they are towards the rest of the multiverse. She never had any love for the Combine for their overzealous and destructive nature, taken the appearance of a common citizen in Vichy France, Pol Universe to witnessing the speech if their leader announcing the creation of the Axis of Empires. Not liking the sound of it she continued to investigate this and eventually bore witness to the arrival of the Empire of the Combine Race which gifted the Greater German Empire advance technologies that shouldn’t be possible, to her surprise, she run into Shen disguised as a human and another herald to witness this disturbing development, knowing the hell various versions of Adolf Hitler could do.

Revealing this discovery to the Heralds and Entites that shared interest and concern of the latest development, The Planter shared the discover that The Hunter and its herald were behind this, not only that, but the herald was none other than Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia of the Combine Empire. Leysa never heard, nor met the Hunter’s herald but always assumed Heralds were not to abuse their roles and power upset the nature of the Multiverse, only to have Siegfried Velichkov, herald of the Planter, despiled her of this notion by pointing out that the Entities vary considerably and some of them are considerably evil beings, especially the Hunter, and admits that Yiloala as its' herald makes sense, especially given the Combine Empire's horrific conquest and wars they had inflicted against the Multiverse for eons of time.

Arrival of Filo[]

With the war carrying in, Leysa feared this was growing to a number of universes and fast, making a visit to one of the galaxy of the Filo Universe which was plunged into a brink of war, curious to know of this reality with most of the verse untouched by the war for the time being. Made a visit to a planet called Naboo And fell in love with the natural beauty of it, however, during her trip, she came across to save a young beautiful woman who was almost shot by an assassin with her ‘bodyguard’ but took the blow with her healing factor more advanced and injured, brought to a bedroom with the woman she saved revealing herself to be the Naboo senator Padme Amidala and the young Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

Game Between Haei'tuusik Heaven and Hell[]

Received the news of a new universe discovered by the Alliance in 2419 N.E. what she found out about this dimension known as Haei'tuusik with the main realms being a different set of Heaven and Hell. At first she found out about the humans in between being rude and stubborn with everyday death, but not so much by perverted demons who wanted to do more than spend ‘quality time’ and discovered a set of a demons causing havoc on the Earth realm during a spring break party, alerted some native authorities of the massacre and left. Hearing how the this version of Hell is somewhat more tolerable compared to the rest of the hells that exist and many usually fight one another for territories of the ‘pentagram’.

Leysa disguised as a demon

While in Haei'tuusik's Hell she disguised herself as a demon and travelled around the realm to explore, slowly developing some personal issues with some demons and sinners, especially those that tried a little too hard to "get to know her", she stmbuled upon a live broadcast by a demon girl who wanted to support a redemption for sinners, curious to know more and looked for her to speak with her about this program of hers. After she, rather enthusiastically told Leysa about her plan, the herald left while wishing the princess of hell the best of luck for the try out and decided to know about Haei'tuusik Earth, but also offered her support to Hazbin Hotel as a costumer. Upon her trip to the Earth realm, she was surprised to find The Lover waiting for her where it then told her about how it and its' fellow compatriots are setting up a ‘game’ that could very well determine the fate of this universe. As she listened, she came to the horrified realisation that The Hunter could destroy all life in this universe if she and Leysa fellow Heralds (at least those of the Entities that wish to help reform and redeem hell) fail in their task that their Entities gave them. Seeing some chance to help some Sinners find peace or a second chance, she came to support Charle, the princess of Hell and daughter of Lucifer Magne on her support but only a handful seem interested and others just see it as cheap rent in the Hazbin Hotel.Admitting that it isn’t an easy task for a majority of Sinners prefer the lifestyle over Heaven.

However, the Turf Wars were not so helpful when she discovered other less friendly Heralds see it as amusement or bored to unleash chaos, with the end of the year approaching and the Game about to commence, Leysa approached Charle at the hotel and revealed her secret to explain reason for what was going to happen if her universe fails and be destroyed by The Hunter.


Leysa shows much compassion and expression to appreciate love and desires, offering to share that love to those in need and happy to serve The Lover as her duties as it's herald. She doesn't seem ashamed of herself being much open to wear revealing outfits, indulge in romantic relationships and sexual activities with anyone who she considers as noble and kind hearted. Most of the times Leysa considered the idea of an open romance with more than one that makes love strong, and something she finds enjoyable. She has so far taken her role as a Herald very serious and treated many sentients with kind and fairness while making the Cult into helping people who went through suffering and cruelty.

On some occasions when mingling among the population would wear certain clothes to blend in to observe. Shows a lot of interest and love towards children as she sees them as innocent with such potential futures if encouraged to do something rightk this would make Leysa pretty good mother or motherly figure, but given just how many offsprings she has had over her long live, she has a bit of a hard time keeping a tract of them all, regardless of her status as a Mort. Also cares for the elderly who have lived their lives, but she would be very protective when comes across sexual predators and will not hesitate to punish them in the most gruesome fate for forcing others for perverse desires. 

This could be do to the events of her previous life when she was raped and murdered, cementing her hate and disgust to all rapists as a vermin. Though given the nature of her death, perhaps it's a defense mechanism to shield herself from the trauma of the manner in which she died in the first place until her encounter with The Nightmare that brought up the hidden fears she pushed back. This might have pushed her determination to help and connect with those who may have gone through the same as she did.

Yet as much as she hates the Silencer for his depraved personality, she cannot help but to feel sympathy for him as both were killed by the ones that had defiled them.

Powers and Abilities []

As the Herald of The Lover, Leysa is granted the power of immortality and never age a day, she would be able to heal herself even to the most fatal damage. Leysa would have the power to travel between worlds and alter her appearance, possibly not just to blend in appearance but also for her own ‘personal desires’.




Close Friends []

Close Rivals[]


  • Leysa to Padme: "I find the love between you and your husband very strong to defy the boundaries of the rules. But can't blame you with such a fine specimen such as him, if you ever want to... experiment, I'm willing to help."
  • To Saffron: "Least you have a child to love and care, they bring out the good in us and feel the need to protect them and be there. But never do like using love to take advantage of others."
  • Comforting Anakin after his confrontation with Vader: "I can safely say how you took a different path and continue to love Padme, if only there was a way to help the other, the pain and suffering must have been tragic to turn to the dark.”
  • After the witness Speech in Pol France. ”I don’t think many will like this at all, Shen. Usually it was the more advance races like the ancient Protheans, Forerunners and even the Ancient humans of the far off past could achieve this sort of ability. Now this Axis of Empires is changing the very face of the Multiverse.”
  • After the Silencer was subdued by her allies. "I still hate you, you know. Maybe it's not exactly right, but it's how I feel. You caused so much trouble for us. You lied to us. You killed countless innocents. You tried to kill me. You were a black void of a person who tainted everything he touched. I can't even look at that palace where you were, acting so friendly while harboring so much malice. But at the same time... I know you didn't rot yourself. Other people did that to you. Your mother did that to you. The Plains of Rebirth did that to you. It almost did that to me too. I guess I just got lucky. I hate you, but I also pity you. And I'm not sad that you're gone. But I am sad that you had such a rough time of it while you were here. After everything you did, even though this is where you'll be, a part of me still thinks you deserved what you got. But I don’t think you deserved what made you into the monster you were in the first place.



  • It is possibly hinted that Leysa could be polyamorous with hints of several relationships she has during her time as a Herald.
  • She's Bisexual and Polyromanitic, as she has had numerous relationships with all manner of being across the multiverse.