Lincoln Garcia potrayed by Jeremy Renner in Great Multiverse: The Lost Tales, before he shaved his head and wear bleached colored contacts

" With all of my life, I'll never seen anything that can change a person more so then that of war and hate, more so then even peace and love"

Lincoln Allen Garcia but his true name is Lilith Alice Susan Garcia​ (Overwatch Unit Number: ECR 688594423), (Born: April 24th, 1326) he was born to an Caucasian man named Zachary James White and an African Women named Alice Elizabeth Larrson White , but his parents died when he was born, his mother when giving birth to her son and his father in a car accident. Because of this, a Homosexual man by the name of Robert Garica adopted the child and rised him as his own with his boyfriend, a former Vietnam War veteran, Mike Hunt although they had to keep it a secret, soon though, he was turned into a Transhuman Combine after the 7 Hours War. He was a Transhuman Combine Officer sent to Planet 898 (Prototype Earth ) where he began to fight against the Empire by helping a group of Resistance Soldiers. Soon afterward he left there to go to an Alliance of Nations held planet so that he could live. He is also best friends to Alexi Scott and Ivan Johnson , later on the husband of Alice Marywoth Garcia. He's also one of the founders of the Peacekeepers .


Life before the 7 Hours WarEdit

Life after the 7 Hours WarEdit

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as a soldier of the Alliance of Nations Edit

after the First Multiverse WarEdit

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close friends and or familyEdit

Alexi Scott

Jean-Luc Picard

Zachary White- biological father

Alice White- biological mother

Robert Garcia- adoptive father (legally)

Mike Hunt- adoptive father

Eleanor Edwards- adoptive aunt (Robert's sister)

Franklin Edwards- adoptive uncle

Benjamin Edwards- cousin

Lilian Edwards- cousin

Alice Maryworth Garcia-wife

Jessica Garcia- first daughter

Elizabeth Garcia- second daughter

Rebecca Garcia- third daughter

Eric Garica- first son

James Garcia- second son

Zackary Garica- third son

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